NBA Insider Floats Possibility Of Team Landing Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant

First, Kyrie Irving looked to leave the Brooklyn Nets. Now, Kevin Durant looks to do the same thing.

But could the two NBA superstars force their way out of Brooklyn, even though Irving exercised his player option to stay with the team, and actually become a package deal, playing together somewhere else? It’s seems unfathomable that a team could take on both of their contracts, but ESPN’s Brian Windhorst didn’t rule out the possibility of it occurring while appearing on the network’s NBA free agency show Thursday.

Windhorst said he heard from around the league that there is only one place in the NBA that could land both Irving and Durant.

“It has been floated to me by executives that… if they were to be kept together, that the (Los Angeles) Lakers would potentially have a package that you could trade for both of them,” Windhorst said. “It’s too fragile because we just don’t know where KD and Kyrie, if they’re still interested in (playing) together. But after seeing what happened when they were together, almost no team with options would do it. But the Lakers don’t have options. That’s the only place I heard was possible.”

Windhorst didn’t even seem to truly believe his report. At one point, he had to stop for a second because he understood how unbelievable it sounded saying it out loud.

The best storylines are saved for Hollywood, though, but even this one seems a little far-fetched.

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