Matthew Judon Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Former Patriot Back With Team

When it becomes the offseason, New England Patriots star pass rusher Matthew Judon puts his recruiter hat on.

Judon is well-known to try to entice free agents over social media to join him in New England. Judon made recruiting pitches to Julio Jones, Chandler Jones and Allen Robinson last offseason and most recently made one to Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald.

Friday didn’t bring another full-blown social media recruitment from Judon, but he did make it known he wouldn’t mind seeing former Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy return to New England.

The two had a Twitter exchange that originally started with Judon wishing he could attend a public appearance in California of Van Noy, who was trying to promote it with a video.

Van Noy replied to Judon and asked the Patriots sack leader from the past two seasons to help him find his next NFL home.

“It?s the thought that counts! Thanks Juuu!” Van Noy tweeted. “I know you are back to being a GM I’m a free agent again? 3 years in a row find me a home!!”

Judon’s response suggested another reunion between Van Noy and the Patriots.

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